Tekstiiliteollisuus Oy

Tekstiiliteollisuus Oy is a handicraft product importer and wholesaler that was established by John Gustafsson in Helsinki, Finland in 1934. In the beginning, the company primarily manufactured furnishing and drapery fabrics, but as time went on our manufacturing operations ceased and the company began to concentrate on importing yarn and handicraft materials.
Today, Tekstiiliteollisuus Oy is located in Porvoo and is one of the most significant businesses of its kind in Finland. Our well-stocked own shop teetee shop operates in the heart of the old town in Porvoo.
We import quality yarns and handicraft materials mainly from European countries. Our product range includes English Sirdar products, German Lamana and Austermann and Schoeller+Stahl products, Phildar products from France and our own high quality teetee yarns.

Our retail network covers Finland and Sweden and, together with a number of specialty shops, forms a reliable chain of quality and expertise (see our retailer list ‘Jälleenmyyjät’). Our joint aim is to guarantee the best possible service for consumers. The handicraft expertise and guidance readily offered in the shops, in connection with our quality products, makes this guarantee possible. A seamless chain of co-operation enables us to forward consumers’ wishes quickly to the manufacturers, who then take this into consideration in their own production processes.

We employ eleven on-site handicraft professionals, who are ready and able to serve our broad range of customers. We hope that we can be of service helping you find just what you are looking for.






Tekstiiliteollisuus Oy
P.O. BOX 54,
06101 PORVOO
Office/ Shop: Rihkamakatu 2
06100 Porvoo

Warehouse: Mestarintie 17
06150 PORVOO

tel. +358-19-529 2100
e-mail: tt(at)tekstiiliteollisuus.fi

Managing Director Mrs Niina Kaakkurivaara
Tel. +358 19 529 2107

Chairman of the Board Mrs Sirpa Stark
Tel. +358 19 529 2105

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